This origin story follows the not-so-NCR Ranger, James Eldridge in the Wasteland, and his first encounter with the deadly Scorpion and his gang. Set years before the live-action series, Fallout: Nuka Break, and the digital short, Red Star.
Title Designer & Compositor
Early 2016, I was granted the chance to create the main title sequence for a three-part miniseries called "Fallout: The Wanderer". This sequence is heavily inspired by the main menu of Bethesda's mobile game "Fallout Shelter". My good friend Stefanos Alvertis took care of the sound design for this piece. Since the production already hired a composer for the entire miniseries, I created an alternate version of the sequence for Fabian Reifarth, a music composer and also a good friend, to take a shot at creating some original music.
Title Designer - Lennart Breede
Original Music Composer - Fabian Reifarth
Sound Designer - Stefanos Alvertis

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